Sustainable Practices

The Mary Kay Company manages the MaryKayInTouch login portal. Independent beauty consultants can easily access their accounts through the said portal. The company not only provides these services to their consultants but also offers quality products to their customers while contributing to the environment.


By preserving Earth’s resources, the company contributes to the beautification of the planet. It is their commitment to create and protect sustainable business practices, as well as to partner with nonprofits that have the mission of preserving and beautifying communities. 

Keeping the safety of their users as their first priority is MaryKayInTouch’s priority, which is why they want to be as detailed as possible to help you understand how the service works. 

  • In order to ensure the safety of our products and to keep them of high quality, we spend millions of dollars and perform thousands of tests, including clinical trials with dermatologists, ophthalmologists, and our medical experts.
  • There are safety standards for every skin product we have, and the government regulates each product.
  • Neither our products nor their ingredients have been tested for safety, if it is not verified that our product contains a safe ingredient, then it will not be used in our product.
  • The environment is important to us, which is why we go green.

MaryKayInTouch does not support animal testing for their products, they have been using alternative testing methods for the past three decades. Yet, some governments still encourage this kind of thing, although Mary Kay wants to make it clear that their products are not tested on animals.