MaryKayInTouch enables consultants to communicate with the company through an intuitive interface. As a Mary Kay employee, you can access your account quite easily. If you are very concerned about your skin’s health and need a beauty expert to provide guidance when choosing the right products for your needs, then you may be a good candidate for our Independent Beauty Consultant Services.


There is a possibility that you may have some questions related to the portal. The following are some questions that users often encounter while accessing the MaryKayInTouch login portal.

MaryKayInTouch – Frequently Asked Questions

What does it take to succeed in the Mary Kay business opportunity?

Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants operate as their own business, which means they have control over when they choose to start and stop working. When it comes to your schedule and how quickly you want to climb the success ladder, it’s up to you. Mary Kay’s business is not as time-consuming as starting a full-time job, so you will probably spend less time on it than you would on your regular job. In contrast, if you are looking to replace your full-time income or exceed your full-time income from your job, expect to put in long hours in order to achieve that goal. It’s important to remember that you are in charge of your destiny. You decide the right balance between family and career for yourself.

What email address do I use for InTouch?

You can access MaryKayInTouch Customer Service at 1-800-272-9333 for assistance if you are unsure of the email address you have on file.

Is there a limit to the number of attempts to log in

For security reasons, your account will temporarily be blocked after five failed login attempts. Your account will be activated automatically after 15 minutes. You can log in again after that point.