With Mary KayInTouch, independent Mary Kay beauty consultants can provide their customers with information and services that will allow them to manage their businesses efficiently and conveniently online. The portal is also available in Spanish.


It is a unique program that has been started out by mary kay a few years back, which is actually a referral and distributor kind of program which is like a mutual benefit program that benefits both the sellers, customers, and the company.  Following the login procedure, you can access the official portal, which allows you to grow and expand your business, along with earning tons of rewards. 

MaryKayInTouch Beauty Consultants have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to manage their own small business and have their own team of consultants. Before you can access your account, you must first complete the login procedure. 

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MaryKayInTouch Login Process

You can accomplish the login procedure by following these steps:

  • You can sign up on the official homepage at www.marykayintouch.com.
  • On the top of the page, there will now be a login widget.
  • Please enter your consultant number and password in the appropriate fields and click ‘Login’ to access the system.
  • Using the forgot password or new to InTouch button makes it easy for you to retrieve your password.


The community of like-minded businesswomen that make up the independent beauty consultant community is not only excellent at providing technology and information but also of providing friendship and support.

In addition to selling products that help women feel and look beautiful, independent consultants have the ability to work from home or wherever it’s most convenient for them to be in touch with customers, giving them complete control over their schedule and work. There is no pressure to sell more than what you are comfortable selling, and you choose how much time to spend on each customer account.

You can earn most of your revenue through direct marketing of the company’s products, as well as having a distribution network that earns you commissions when you sell their products. If you have difficulties accessing MaryKayInTouch, please contact Customer Service at [email protected]. The Customer Service department will assist you.